With a Burlington address we are located approx. 5 miles East of  Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We have been in the business for 16 years. Our introduction to the water damage restoration business came shortly after starting our carpet cleaning business. 
   As carpet cleaners we occasionally would be asked to extract and clean flooded carpets by our customers. After some trial and error it quickly became apparent to me that I was not qualified for this type of work without the proper training, certification and equipment. 
   After extensive training, experience, and purchasing equipment that was specifically fitted for water damage repair we aggressively became involved with water damage repair. So what started as added services for our original company DAB Carpet Cleaning, turned into the origin and foundation of  a second company, DAB Restoration and Cleaning, a full service water damage restoration company. Drying and sanitizing carpet after a flood had become only one of the many specialized services provided by DAB Restoration and Cleaning. 
    Our restoration company grew over the years saving homeowners money by saving their carpet, lower repair costs because of less demolition of walls and ceilings because of our knowledge of drying techniques that are designed to be less intrusive. This is accomplished by making inlets into a wall forcing air into cavities instead of ripping a whole wall down and starting from scratch.
   We are well equipped, trained, and experienced to take the small jobs or complete home or business flood situations. I personally like my job. Not the part where you have to walk through a property and see the distress on the property owners face which proceeds a flood. The part I do like is bringing that property back to it's original condition as if a disaster never happened. Knowing the job was properly completed with detailed considerations always implemented with no short cuts allowed. 
   No job is too big or too small! Call us if you need a helping hand. We can take care of everything.

Dan Langel
DAB Restoration and Cleaning

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