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Pieces of electrical equipment that are exposed to water can be quite dangerous if they are turned on without being part of the water damage in Delevan, WI. This is the reason why the state has issued official warning and guidelines in how to reduce the danger of damaged electrical items due to moisture.

Water tends to damage the electrical insulation of the equipment. The debris can also get lodged in the components and make them unable to perform their intended function. The damage to electrical equipment can result from floodwaters that are contaminated with chemicals, oil, or other substances. If the water came from the ocean, the salt can be especially damaging because the salt is corrosive and conductive.

Power equipment that involves low to medium voltage needs protective devices in order to comply with the system safety requirements. These devices can be negatively impacted by the water. In the case of low voltage to medium voltage circuit breakers, the performance of the mechanisms can be damaged by corrosion or by the presence of silt. Even the washing away of lubricants should be a cause of concern.

When it comes to fuses, the filler material may be affected by water. This can lead to a disruption in the insulation and interruption capabilities of the fuses. Power circuit breakers and medium voltage breakers are planned to be maintainable with the possibility, for instance, of replacing contacts in air circuit breakers. It is then possible to reuse the waterlogged breakers provided that the refurbishing is done with the help of the manufacturer. 

Usually, the process would involve cleaning and drying techniques, as well as adding lubrication to the equipment. It is important to test the equipment by reapplying power. The electronic trip units of low voltage power circuit breakers and electronic protective relays in any equipment should be thrown out and replaced for increased safety.

There are some cases when the transformers should be part of the water damage in Delevan, WI. Water can cause the transformer core to become corroded as well as the insulation to fall apart. When this happens, the transformer is unable to perform its intended function safely and properly. Any chemical that may be deposited inside the transformer after a flooding can cause disruptions to happen. Another concern is for the water to damage the transformer fluids.

When wire or cable products are exposed to water, the metallic component like the conductor or armor could corrode leading to termination failures. If water remains stagnant, it could speed up the deterioration and cause premature failure. The wires and cables may become a shock hazard when they are turned on after being exposed to water.

When equipment is exposed to floods or water, it should be part of the safety precautions to keep them turned off and unplugged until they are shown to the manufacturer. Do not try to conduct self-repairs. Instead, take them to a licensed electrician or a company engaged in water damage restoration in Delavan, WI and have them properly restored.

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