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 DAB  Restoration  and Cleaning, W916 Washington Ave, Burlington WI 53105    (262)248-8000

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  • Many times Carpet can be dried and restored.
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Wet Carpets? 

    Save your carpet by calling us for an evaluation. One of the more costly items encountered in a water damage situation is the effect it has on carpet and floors. We understand these concerns and provide quick, on-site carpet and wood floor drying. 
   How do we determine if it's OK to dry your Carpet on-site? We look at the age and condition of the carpet. Is it a better value replacing rather than the cost of restoration? Other consideration are the length of time the carpet was saturated with water. Most carpet can withstand water for up to 3 days but an immediate response is important because mold and mildew concerns.  
   In most cases we can arrive within the hour of your call. The source of the water and the route it took to get to the flooded area are also consideration as to if the carpet can or should be restored. 
Types of water are explained as follows:

  • Category 1 water (clean water) is water from a clean source. Many times this means that the carpet can be dried.

  • Category 2 water (Grey water) is not usually clean but is not hazardous. This usually comes from a washing machine or dishwasher.

  • Category 3 water (black water) is sewage backup or runoff water that should be considered hazardous and be handled with caution.  

   Other considerations for Replace Vs. Restore would be the temperature of the water. For example a hot water heater with very warm water can affect the glue in the primary and secondary backing of the carpet making it prone to softening of the glue compromising the integrity of the carpeting. 

Wood Flooring

   Wood flooring is sensitive and needs to be understood when it comes to drying. Wood naturally holds up to 10% moisture depending upon the type it is. Wood can continue to absorb an additional 5%-10% showing little or no affect. However within a few days it cannot hold that water anymore and will expand and cause a cupping or crowning affect. Engineered hardwoods usually meaning a real hardwood veneer attached to another type of wood can create considerations also because the laminated woods hold different moisture levels characteristics. These woods need to be examined and understood to be dried properly. Emergency response is critical for any damage to wood floors. 

Carpet and Floor Drying