Most of the time Carpet Cleaning in itself is not enough when your carpet is flooded. After a flooded carpet has been sanitized and dried it should then have a final cleaning. This cleaning will assure you that the job is complete and your carpet is ready for action again! 
   Upon our arrival of your flood situation we survey the site and share our opinion with you. Do we think restoring your carpet by extraction, sanitizing, and drying is the way to go or replacing it makes better sense?  Each situation presents a different set of circumstances to consider when deciding the best plan of attack.
   This is what DAB Restoration and Cleaning does best. Our experienced technicians are trained to analyze the situation put before them and make a conscious determination as to the best plan for each situation. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, continual training, 16 years of experience, coupled with a desire to see the customer back to a normal life quickly while minimizing the burden that this type disaster can bring. 



Carpet Cleaning

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