It is difficult to comprehend the loss that can be experienced during a disaster. Personal and sentimental items misplaced or mishandled are but a few of the occurrences that can happen in the wake of a catastrophe. We understand this, and that your items must be handled with care, packed, and stored properly. Many times this can be done on-site but sometimes cleaning and storage may have to be completed off-site. 
   DAB Restoration and Cleaning understands the importance of your personal possessions and is committed to handling everything with care. We perform on-site and off-site content cleaning service and guarantee that your salvageable items will be brought back in the best condition possible. Depending on the extent of the loss we may have to store your items in an off-site storage facility. This would be done in a security climate controlled facility warehouse. This will ensure that your items would be easily accessible and located in case the insured needs access to it.

   If there is severe damage to content and the conditions are not favorable for cleaning items on-site then we will move them to off-site area for cleaning and storage. 
Before packing items they will be divided into two lists; Salvageable and Non-salvageable. The salvageable items will then be cleaned, deodorized then securely packed and stored. The Non-salvageable items will be stored awaiting further instruction from you and your insurance company. This guarantees the insured that the loss is minimized and also offers peace of mind.

Contents Packouts

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