Rapid dehumidification is a process that requires large capacity commercial dehumidifiers accompanied by air movement to cause rapid evaporation of moisture in drying out structures, carpeting, furnishings, etc. It is a common technique in the water damage restoration profession. It's so important to quickly remove all traces of moisture from the affected area, to avoid mold and mildew.                    Depending on the scope of the water damaged area(s) sometimes openings must be provided to make way for air to be introduced into an area that is not normally open such as a wall, counter, cabinets, ceiling area and so on. If the material is not contaminated from say a sewage back flow or other toxins that require demolition, many times we can make small access holes in drywall under trim and dry the area by inserting tubes that push dry air into the affected area. This saves you time, money, and the aggravation of larger construction repairs after a dry out is completed.      

Rapid Dehumidification & Air Movement

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