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​    Overflowing sewage, broken sewage mains, and many other kinds of flooding can turn into a foul-smelling nasty mess. But sewage overflows are more than just a foul-smelling nasty mess, they're a major health hazard. But this is not the end of the world. They can be cleaned & sanitized properly so that the area can once again be utilized safely with confidence. You do need to call DAB Restoration and Cleaning or another reputable water damage restoration company for this type of disaster. It requires a company that is trained, experienced, and equipped with the latest technology for Sewage cleanup and sanitation of the affected area's. DAB Restoration & Cleaning fulfills this requirement. 
    Upon arrival, during cleanup, and upon the final cleanup & dry-out period, Anti-Microbial Treatments must be applied to combat and kill any present and lingering bacteria, viruses, parasitic organisms, and borroughs (inhaled molds and fungi). Odors, mold growth, and bacteria are always a concern to be reckoned with. 
Above it was explained: Upon arrival, during cleanup, and upon the final cleanup & dry-out anti-microbial treatments are applied. 
    It's important to us that we do our job thoroughly, professionally, and timely, while showing respect and consideration for the dilemma your family or business has inherited. 
    We are ready and able, 24 hours, 7 days a week, even holidays, to bring our teams of trained and equipped technicians to your home or business so that we can bring you back to a pre-loss condition in a quick, safe and efficient manner. Call us any time of day or night and we'll be there, usually within an hour or less of your call. 

Sewage Cleanup, Decontamination, Sanitation and Deodorization