​    It depends on the amount of saturation into the material and cushions, and the type of water that penetrated into the upholstery. These are some of the considerations we address in deciding if upholstery can and should be dried, sanitized and salvaged. We inspect and determine if a piece of furniture is suitable for salvage by using different factors. Of course you make the final decision but we try to be helpful to the customer in this area by supplying you with information and advice according to the standards of our training and experience.
   Most item can be dried but is it wise to pursue this considering the different facts of how it became wet and what the moisture consisted of when it made contact with the piece of furniture? In some instances it's does not require too much thought when determining to salvage an item or discarding it. Sewage back up usually means discard it if there is a fabric and/or cushions involved! Other situations may afford options to consider accordingly.
   All in all, DAB Restoration & Cleaning will be there to help you get your life back in order in a quick & safe way.  

Cleaning Upholstery After A Flood

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